econnexus Projects

We are currently working on a number of projects:

The econnexus "Water Connects Us" album consists of pieces of music donated by local musicians. We intend to have twelve tracks to tie in with our calendar, and to raise funds for Haiti relief by selling the album on iTunes and similar music download websites.

A joint project between and The primary aim of the project is to take contemporary art out of galleries and museums, to take it out of artist's studios, and to show it to all sorts of different people in a variety of other environments and locations around South West England.

The econnexus Econometer is a project to develop a low cost multi-language OBD II compatible fuel economy meter. This will allow drivers worldwide to easily and cheaply monitor their driving
style so as to reduce the fuel consumption of their cars,
and thus their personal carbon dioxide and other emissions.

The econnexus "Music Making Machines" project is designed to demonstrate how modern technology allows you to record high quality music in your bedroom at very low cost. In addition the internet now allows you to market and sell your music at very low cost too. The days of the "record company" are numbered!

The econnexus 2012 Calendar is a project to produce a calendar based on artworks submitted by entrants in our competition. We intend to raise funds by selling the calendar from December 1st 2011 onwards.

The econnexus Irene Power Project will attempt to keep track of when the lights went out as Hurricane Irene slowly worked her way up the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America, and also when they came back on again. We hope in this way to learn some things that will help to improve matters the next time such an "unexpected event" occurs.

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