The econnexus 2012 Calendar

The econnexus 2012 Calendar is a project to produce a calendar based on traditional artworks (including mixed media but excluding photography and purely digital art) submitted by entrants in our competition.

We intend to raise funds by selling the calendar from December 1st 2011 onwards.

To enter your art into the competition follow the link above to our gallery and register as a user. Then upload an image of your artwork to the subcategory for the current month. At the time of writing this is the page for January 2012 entries. You will need to click on the button labelled "Upload" in the top right of that web page. Make sure to include a link to your own website, and to enter some keywords to help people find your art more easily. We suggest using your own name at the very least.

The artworks should be inspired in some way by our theme of "Water Connects Us". Make something totally unique!

Use your imagination,
your conscience,
your knowledge,
your feelings,
your heart,
your soul,
your own understanding.

Each artist may enter only one work per month. All entries will be displayed for a minimum of 3 months. The top ten entries for each month will be displayed for at least 12 months. The 12 artworks chosen as winners (1 each month from January to September 2011, plus the 3 best runners up) will appear in the calendar which will be published on December 1st 2011. The winning entries will also be displayed on our website ad infinitum.

Here's a video to walk you through the steps you need to take to enter the competition:

To see the submitted artworks please go to our gallery.