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A list of large scale solar photovoltaic projects in South West England

A list of historical, current and proposed geothermal energy projects in the United Kingdom.

"G8 Leaders Statement on Global Food Security" – A joint statement issued by the G8 leaders after their meeting on the island of Hokkaido, Japan in July 2008.

"The Gallagher Review of the indirect effects of biofuels production" – A UK Government report on the effect of international targets for the use of first generation biofuels.

"Zero Carbon Britain" – A report on an alternative energy strategy for the UK from the Centre for Alternative Technology.

"Realizing the Potential of Energy Efficiency" – A United Nations Foundation report on energy efficiency. – The US Government website about saving energy.

"Energy and Water Saving" – The UK Government website about saving energy in the home.

"The Rough Guide to Saving Energy" – A UK centred downloadable guide to saving energy.