The econnexus Music Making Machines

Synchronicity has surfaced. Entropy is decreasing. Thanks to an amazing series of coincidences we currently find ourselves engaged in trying to produce a "charity album" to help the people of Haiti, who have recently suffered their second huge natural disaster in as many years.  Hurricane Hanna hit on September 2nd 2008. An earthquake magnitude 7.0 Mw on the moment magnitude scale hit on January 12th 2010.

In response to the appalling scale of this most recent disaster we here at are currently putting together our "Water Connects Us" album, with which we will add our own small contribution to efforts around the planet to relieve the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of people affected.

This is a gross generalization, but often creative people are not terribly good at promoting themselves and their work and have traditionally had to rely on (and pay handsomely!) others to do this for them. Now, however, the internet allows musicians and other artists to dispense with the the record companies, the managers, the agents, the publishers, the gallery owners and the media moguls.

This project intends to contribute at least one track to "Water Connects Us" recorded in a very low cost "bedroom studio". In conjunction with "Water Connects Us" it will also demonstrate how that track, and indeed the whole album, can then be marketed without the traditional "music industry" soaking up the majority of the profits that the artists have themselves earned. It will also demonstrate how to get aid to the people who need it, without the traditional "aid industry" siphoning off a significant proportion of the contributions of the concerned citizens of this planet.