October 16, 2013

EIA Required for Mamhead House Solar PV Park

Teignbridge District Council have decided that an Environmental Impact Assessment WILL be required following a request from Green Switch Solutions Ltd. for a screening opinion concerning a proposed 5.5 MW solar PV park on land at Mamhead House. The case officer's letter points out that:

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November 27, 2012

Cornwall Council Approves of Canworthy Solar Farm

Whilst it doesn't say as much on their web site just yet, Cornwall County Council have effectively approved the application from German developers Kronos Solar to construct the 25 MW Canworthy Solar Farm on 50 hectares of land at Maxworthy near Launceston.  Cornwall planning committee have approved the scheme, but delegated responsibility for dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts on the conditions associated with the application to their planning officers. This will make it the larget solar PV park in Cornwall, and in the UK for that matter.

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July 13, 2012

Proposed 25 MW Solar Park near North Petherwin, Launceston

Doing my due diligence on the proposed 224 acre solar farm south of Week St Mary I was puzzled by the fact that the application mentions that:

The site is in close proximity to another large scale ground-mounted solar photovoltaic farm which will occupy land immediately to the south of Good Energy’s proposed site. This second scheme, proposed for development by Sun2Energy UK Ltd at Lower Wheatley Farm, is also a 25MW(p) scheme and therefore the potential for cumulative impacts is significant. Cumulative effects will be considered in detail by the specialist involved in assessing each of the above sub-headings.

After a bit more digging around on the Cornwall County Council planning search engine I discovered that there is indeed another proposed solar farm, which has been in the planning pipeline for rather longer than the one mentioned by the Western Morning News today. Despite a very different address and postcode the two solar parks are in fact of similar size, and right next door to each other. The developers of this one are Sun2Energy UK Limited, and in their request for a scoping opinion they refer to the site as "Canworthy Solar Farm". This one has now also been entered into our South West Solar hall of fame.

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