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December 9, 2011

EcoIsland is "A Paradise in the Making"?

The New Statesman has just published an article about the Isle of Wight entitled "A Paradise in the Making"!  They make this bold claim because David Green's EcoIsland Partnership has recently been launched with a fair amount of fanfare in a large marquee just outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

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March 14, 2010

Visions of a Smarter Planet

Earlier this week Dutch energy consulting and certification company KEMA announced that the Hoogkerk "PowerMatching City" had been officially opened by the mayor of Groningen. According to KEMA:

Hoogkerk is the first microgrid project in Europe to integrate a full-scale, operational “smart” residential community energy system. The community includes 25 interconnected residential homes equipped with micro-cogeneration units, hybrid heat pumps, PV solar panels, smart appliances and electric vehicles, and additional community-based power produced by a wind farm and a gas turbine.

Whilst 25 homes seems to me to be stretching the definition of "a city" a bit far, it seems that:

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