August 13, 2012

No EIA Required for the Harberton Solar Farm

Whilst there seems to be much less paperwork showing on the South Hams District Council web site than for similar applications in Teignbridge, the ultimate outcome down there appears to be much the same.  In a delegated decision it has been determined that no environmental impact assessment is required for the proposed 30 acre solar PV park at Hazard Farm near Harberton.

The request for a screening opinion by TGC Renewables, together with South Hams response to a similar request for a slightly smaller project on the same site back in January 2011, can be viewed by following the link on our list of large scale solar photovoltaic projects.

That prior opinion does say that:

Given the large site area and the potential impact on landscape character and visual amenity, the Local Planning Authority considers that any planning application will need to be accompanied by a fully detailed landscape and visual assessment to allow proper consideration of these key issues.

Presumably TGC are working on that LVIA as I type!

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