July 4, 2013

How to Upset a Global Warming Sceptic

In the first of an occasional series under the "Shock News" banner we reveal how to upset a global warming sceptic in three easy stages.

1. Smell something fishy about a headline that states "New Ice At The North Pole" on July 2nd 2013 and examine "the evidence" from arctic.io presented to substantiate this assertion:

Satellite image of sea ice near the North Pole on July 2nd 2013, courtesy of arctic.io

Satellite image of sea ice near the North Pole on July 2nd 2013, courtesy of arctic.io

2. Post a link to an alternative view of the same scene from NASA Worldview:

Satellite image of sea ice near the North Pole on July 2nd 2013, courtesy of NASA EOSDIS Worldview

Satellite image of sea ice near the North Pole on July 2nd 2013, courtesy of NASA EOSDIS Worldview

3. Indulge in a little light hearted banter

A little light hearted banter on July 3rd 2013

A little light hearted banter on July 3rd 2013

4. QED!



5. Hence no opportunity to present any "real scientific" evidence about what's really happening to the Arctic sea ice near the North Pole:

Thermistor temperature profiles for IMB 2012J

Thermistor temperature profiles for IMB 2012J

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July 4, 2013

Neven @ 10:39 am

"New ice at the pole". 😀

Thanks for the laugh, Jim.

Goddard never ceases to amaze. How can anyone be so wrong so many times, and not see it or acknowledge it?

Jim Jim @ 2:22 pm

I'm glad you enjoyed it Neven! To answer your question, I suppose years of diligent practice eventually makes perfect?

Whatever the reason, it will most certainly be interesting to see how the Arctic "freezing" season develops over the next couple of months, and how the "Real Science" blog goes about explaining those developments to its faithful readers!

Mintaka @ 5:47 pm

most amusing…

July 6, 2013

Reggie, sponsored by Brawndo @ 2:25 pm

The anonymous blogger who posts under the name Steve Goddard is still upset. It appears that I am being flushed down the memory hole because I had the temerity to mention the new ice made of clouds.


On a lighter note, Goddard has predicted that the North West Passage will not be open this year because of ice in the Chukchi Sea.

Jim Jim @ 2:55 pm

Most amusing Reggie! Welcome down the memory hole.

P.S. It looks like Kevin might be joining us soon.

July 7, 2013

Susan Anderson @ 9:52 am

What fun, but who has time to go on phony skeptic blogs ginning up their bile? I feel I am in good company. (Goddard seems determined to (metaphorically) shout down anyone with whom he disagrees or who gets in the way of his merry band of disinformers; it's rather a compliment for a true amateur like myself to have made the cut. I guess not having their own facts but others' data to twist, character assassination comes in handy.)

Thanks in advance for providing a place to make these snarky remarks. I am still curious about whether the ice will collapse this year after the colder lead-in. Ice watchers should remember that water stays warm almost to October in the northern oceans.

Jim Jim @ 10:20 am

Hi Susan,

Welcome down the "Real Science" memory hole! I didn't realise you were also a wearer of that badge of pride.

I certainly don't have time to spend gish galloping around skeptic blogs on a regular basis. On this occasion I foolishly followed a link from Neven's, then hung around for a while since they were in the process of (wholly unjustifiably!) dissing Kevin Vallely and the valiant Arctic Joule crew.

The rest is history!

Reggie, sponsored by Brawndo @ 3:09 pm

@MichaelEMann @PeterGleick @dana1981 @skepticscience How to Upset a Global Warming Sceptic http://t.co/WwciT6djrg— Reginald Perrin (@rgnldprrn) July 6, 2013

Having a little fun at the expense of the second dumbest man on the internet and received a retweet from Dr MichaelEMann.

Jim Jim @ 5:58 pm

Thanks for the plug Reggie. Likewise Michael, if you're still watching.

Jeff/jdallen @ 7:38 pm

I just made my own contribution to his discomfort. We'll see if my comment survives moderation.

July 8, 2013

Jim Jim @ 8:47 am

Welcome Jeff!

If I'm looking in the right place, there's no sign of your comment yet?

Here's what's in store if it does eventually emerge – The Gish Gallop in 72 seconds.

P.S. Found it now. No response as yet. Dozens of new posts since then. Just old "Shock News"?

Robert Murphy @ 6:52 pm

This reminds me of last year when Bastardi claimed Arctic sea ice made a rapid recovery in late August. He showed pictures of "sea ice" in mid August and compared it to days in September he said had a lot more ice. Except he was not showing sea ice, he was showing sea surface temperature:
Ice, sea surface temperature, clouds, … it's all the same, right? 🙂

July 10, 2013

T.O.O. @ 1:19 pm

Well a big howdy do to you all.

It appears that I have also become a member of the Steve Goddard memory hole gang. My sin was to question his statements on hail events in New Mexico (where I was raised). Steve said that hail happens every week for the months of July and August and when I said that is news to me and presented some evidence from NOAA saying it was relatively rare to have hail and, when it did occur, it was mostly in May and June. Well, did that start the flurry of historical newspaper clippings from Steve along with the customary insults. When I pointed out he was displaying thunderstorm events as hail events and he was being dishonest in conflating the two, I was accused of lying and trying to tie it into global warming (?!?).

Then he created an entire blog around this discussion where I commented again that he was being dishonest in his assessment. Well, you know what happened next. And now I have becaome an honorary member of this newly minted and august club. Cheers!

July 11, 2013

Jim Jim @ 7:51 am

Cheers T.O.O.

Par for the course it seems. I too was accused of lying, then prevented from arguing my case.

It sounds like you have paid all your dues in full, so welcome to the club as a founder member. At this rate we'll need to build a clubhouse soon!

September 5, 2013

Jim Jim @ 3:52 pm

Some more "Shock News" for "Real Scientists", hidden by some more clouds. The Arctic Slushy Hasn't Frozen Over!

  1. Follow Steve's latest link to Worldview.
  2. Switch to 3-6-7 and observe all the clouds.
  3. Check out the large expanse of open water under those clouds, over on the right of the image.

Here's what some microwaves reveal:

Reggie @ 8:59 pm

Jim, you mention Steve's latest link. I haven't visited his pseudo-science blog for a while, what foolishness has the second dumbest man on the internet posted regarding the "slushy"?
I have noticed the absence of fast ice along the eastern shore of Greenland, as well as a near ice free Greenland Sea. Curiouser and curiouser, cried Alice.

September 6, 2013

Jim Jim @ 9:18 am

Let me see now. Ah yes:

The areas of lower concentration ice around the North Pole which gave alarmists their only glimmer of happiness this summer, have frozen over with new ice – destroying all remaining hope for climate doomsayers.

If he'd cherry picked the previous day he could have revealed this Worldview to his faithful followers instead:

The latest "Shock News" this morning is that "Spectacular Lies Are The New Normal In Climate Science"

DavidNutzuki @ 9:51 am

Science has never agreed climate change is a "real imminent crisis" but they can say comet hits are. Deny this: Not one IPCC warning isn't qualified with "maybes" and “could bes” and “might bes”…..
Science didn't lie, you remaining believers did and 27 more years of your needless panic is unsustainable.
The only crisis you doomers have to worry about is how your grandkids will explain your Reefer Madness and fear mongering to their kids. REAL planet lovers welcome the good news of crisis being exaggerated, as for the rest of you; maybe you just hated Humanity.

Scientists say comet hits are eventual and climate change CRISIS is still just "possible". Not one IPCC warning report says it is inevitable or "WILL" happen only might happen and could happen and……. Climate CRISIS "IS" a comet hit of an emergency so why is one crisis imminent and the other not?

Jim Jim @ 12:29 pm

"David" – What on Earth has any of that got to do with the question of whether or not there was any new sea ice at or near the North Pole on either July 2nd or September 5th 2013?

September 20, 2013

Jeff @ 5:53 am

Hi Jim;

Regarding "David", I'd say very little. (BTW, the comment I made back when about the "new ice" did in fact disappear…)

DavidNutzuki, thank you for giving us a demonstration of the Gish Gallop.

October 6, 2013

doug Payne @ 2:26 pm

Those of you who say it's all a lie, please go to the pacific islands and tell them their diappearing land is a lie.

Come to Australia and tell us that it isnt getting hotter every summer.

doug Payne @ 2:56 pm

The things we must do to avoid harmful, man made climate change, are a wonderful opportunity for industries of many different kinds. It will create enormous employment opportunity and accelerate the development of technologies in all avenues of life.

It will open up areas of the world at present in the doldrums. It will place importance and smile on deminishing natural valuables. It will unite cultures and create co- operation across the globe due to unavoidable common cause. There can be no cross purpose.

The winners in this crisis will not be the doomsdayers. The winners will not be the ones who deny the evidence. The winners will be those who just deal with the facts, smell the money and apply the human spirit to the development of sensible green technologies.

In the small town where I live, with a population of 8000 people, 200 workers have moved into town, involved in green energy development. This has warmed the grass roots of the society. This makes people turn their head and feel the benifit.

In 1900, if you drove a motor car in New York, the law stated that you had to have a person walk in front of the vehicle at a speed less then 1 mile per hour, waving a half square yard white flag. The a few politicians smelt the money in cement and petrol. The car industry in the united states was driven by optimism.

The technology revolution that is already underway in the power industry and the motor industry is, as i write this, beginning to smell the money. This may not prevent a catotrophic climate change. But it may set us up to survie it.

Jim Jim @ 4:27 pm

Welcome Doug,

I'm not sure this is necessarily the best place for this conversation, but let's pursue it here for the moment….

I'd love to hear more about the "green energy development" taking place in your home town for instance. Apart from anything else, there's all sorts of controversy about that sort of thing around here!

January 11, 2016

Reginald Perrin @ 10:10 pm

I know another way to upset the #itellectual_lightweight with only THREE easy steps

1)Wait 30 months and have Jeff/jdallen post a correct prediction of #StormFrank at the ice forum.

2) Have Neven post about it at his blog
while goddard and minions are distracted stalking Bette Midler

3)Remind every one that it was Neven's blog who predicted the ice killer polar storm last year (2012)

add some rabbet some sou and open mind…

1) goddard's empty head will explode

2) Google search once again show goddard one two and three for Dumbest man on the internet

3) sit back and enjoy the denier vogans go down like duckpins all in a row…

January 15, 2016

Reginald Perrin @ 7:39 pm

you may enjoy this

January 16, 2016

Jim Jim @ 9:51 am

Thanks for that Reggie. We're actually pretty high up even if you leave out the "Goddard" bit.

Meanwhile over in the province of so called "Real Climate Science" the second dumbest man on the internet (AKA "Steve"/Tony) has publicly noted your return from the dead! This momentous event has been carefully archived for posterity by "Snow White" at:




Personally I'm rather fond of that last one 🙂

Reginald Perrin @ 5:53 pm

Reggie has it covered with "team_angels" who have promised me retweets when we bring "godamn goddard up to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

QED with just one tweet

BTW Peter Gleik followed me on Thursday and we have exchanged a few private messages

I spent two years completely offline except for a few google searched done through a third party on a smartphone. I finished a book that has been 15 years in the making. The photo is real on my new account but it is a bit dated.

I will be back as L_M and #team_reggie will be explained

Have we ever exchanged email or was this thread done completely improv???

Reginald Perrin @ 6:13 pm

WE also got Seth Borestein onboard yesterday, he is the science editor for AP

Heller and watts will soon be sleeping with the fishes
I need a little help with a server I built 4 years ago. I came back online using fibre optics and want to host my five blogs that have been written over the last 15 years and have been kept secret. Watts and Heller are just the first to go down.

Reggie has got some good dirt on Bush family,from when jeffery was running for gov of florida, that is hilarious in an ironic way. I have flown on Jeffs private plain, which later was used to import an illegal white powdery substance from the Caribean.

Never, ever play #bull_shit_poker with L_M, not even trump the chump has enough money to play against me.

Over the years I have managed to be places and see things that are going to amaze our readers and everything can be backed up with facts from the reality based universe.

We both have been patient and have waited many years and e are soon going to be rewarded . Anything I sell will 100% be for the benefit MSF and I will not profit by even a single dollar.

Jim Jim @ 8:04 pm

Completely improv!

You could always try to see if our contact form still works, or take an inspired guess.

Alternatively I could try an inspired guess!

L_M @ 11:28 pm

Great guess!

Why am I not surprised?

It is Saturday night, time to interact in the meat world and leave the blogs to those without a life in the reality based universe. It must be hilarious at heller's ceespool, arguing with a guy who is blocked.

Trolls have to be trolls

January 17, 2016

L_M @ 5:17 pm

I feel left out…goddard and his motley crew have all but ignored reggie at the new thread.

March 5, 2016

Lawrence Martin @ 5:19 pm

We should invite Mosher over for a visit.

March 7, 2016

Lawrence Martin @ 9:30 pm

I was reading old threads at ASIF and found an archived link you posted to a thread by Heller,Goddard that was memory-holed.


Dead link to Real Psuedoscience

Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.
Perhaps searching will help.


March 8, 2016

Jim Jim @ 3:57 pm

Evidently "Steve"/Tony [snipped] an entire article!

What was he trying to hide one wonders? The fact that he can't tell "glacier" from "melange"?

Whatever next?!

March 9, 2016

Lawrence Martin @ 5:17 pm

Whatever next you ask…the wingularity is nigh
The Master of Space and Thyme will soon visit the second dumbest man on the internet during "reggie's fourth and final farewell tour, he has that score to settle with the stalker/troll over his shamefull treatment of Ms Bette Midler.

Reginald Perrin @ 8:18 pm

In advance of my fourth final farewell tour I dropped in at hellers real pseudo-science blog and the comment is currently memory-holed.
I emailed you a copy and would be eternally greateful if you could post it here.

Reginald Perrin @ 8:56 pm

That is with out a doubt the very last time I will ever visit hellers hole, the useful idiot is all used up and it is time to move on.

March 11, 2016

Jim Jim @ 12:09 pm

Your comments seem to have emerged from both Hell(er) Holes intact?


Tick Tock?

March 12, 2016

Reginald Perrin @ 1:25 pm

You always seem to be one step ahead of yours truly….I visited the hellhole just prior to my visit here and was surprised (not)to see Snow White's better half was there earlier this morning and top of the list on the right sidebar.
Not only does it appear I was unblocked at the cesspool but a quick check of twitter indicates that the intellectual lightweight has removed the block on Twitter, which means I shall have to return the favour and block the stalker troll.
Reggie will not be returning to the either of heller's hell-holes, the trolls are so lame there isn't any challenge….
Little tony must be ashamed of his stalker trolls and they are hidden away from the readers of his new blog. I still say something smells rotten in the state of Colorado.
I am glad to see Dr Mann responded to my plea for clemancy and you are no longer persona non grata, the gif of the begging bunny melted his heart. I am going to wait a week and badger Sou to include Snow White on her blogroll.
I have questions related to a couple pre-reggie hard drives that I currently can't read that contain some sentimental old photos and personal letters. Everything was backed up on a two drive laptop that was stolen. Do you have a place more appropriate to discuss technical matters?

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