How To Help Haiti

Here are our current suggestions for how you can help victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

We're obviously biased on this one, but we strongly suggest that you sign up over on the right hand side to be notified as soon as our own "Water Connects Us" album is available for download.  As soon as that happens donate, download, then enjoy the wide range of music suddenly available to you.

The album isn't available just yet, so in the meantime you can donate using the link over on the right of this page, and receive the excellent "Road to Fondwa" DVD about Haiti in return.

If you'd like to listen to some live music in return for your donation take a look at our Haiti Gig Guide.

If you're happy to donate without receiving anything in return we suggest you go to the ShelterBox website. They're a charity based in South West England like us.  Last week's edition of Time magazine stated in a section entitled "The Long Road Back" that:

[Haitian] President René Préval issued an appeal for 200,000 tents to house some of the more than 800,000 people rendered homeless.

Today's issue of Time contains an interview with ShelterBox founder Tom Henderson, and Time have produced a video showing how the ShelterBox tents are being deployed in Haiti:

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