The econnexus Econometer

The econnexus Econometer™ is an open source project (free as in “free speech”) to develop a multi-language OBD II compatible fuel economy meter based on a very low cost hardware platform.

The Econometer is an affordable example of the easiest way of ecomodding your car so as to reduce your fuel bills and reduce your car's emissions. If you want to become an EcoDriver simply plug in the Econometer to the connector under your dash and let it show you how much fuel your engine is consuming. It's a big help when you're learning EcoDriving, and can let you know all sorts of other useful information about how your car is performing.

Here's a picture of an early prototype: Econometer prototype

This prototype uses a Microchip 18F4580 PIC microcontroller. We are open to suggestions for C programmable devices from other manufacturers that could potentially reduce the cost of the production unit.

Support This Project

For additional information see the Econometer project page at

If you're in a hurry to start monitoring the fuel economy of your own car you can also help support the Econometer project by buying one of the fuel economy meters below, brought to you in association with Take a look at the Linear Logic ScanGauge II and the ElmScan 5 Scan Tool:

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October 28, 2010

jerry @ 3:15 am

Could you please eleborate more info about this product, ex. how to use it, what's main function, ..etc.? thanks!

November 2, 2010

Jim Jim @ 6:33 pm

Hi Jerry,

The econometer is not a product as such, it's an open source project.

The initial aim is to connect the device to the OBD II connector available under the dash on modern cars, and hence to provide to the driver information that will allow them to modify their driving style so as to reduce fuel consumption. To use it just plug it in, then take notice of the information it provides!

Subsequently enabling it to plug in to the wide variety of connectors provided on older vehicles would be very nice to have too.


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