June 20, 2012

A Variety of Views on the Impact of the Bowhay Farm Solar Park

The person I'm assured I need to speak to in the planning department of Teignbridge council still hasn't replied to any of my phone calls or my email. With this evening's meeting with Lightsource looming I thought I'd pose one of my planning related questions here, to see if anyone else knows the answer. On page 4 of Lightsource's request for a screening opinion it states:

In effect the potential impacts associated with any solar farm are primarily limited to the visual changes. In discussion of this particular development, it is considered that the site may (depending on extent of mitigation) be visible to three residential buildings, and from two small areas of public highway. In the context of the wider landscape, this is not considered a visual impact that extends beyond the local context.

Here are some views that I snapped on my mobile phone earlier this week, taken in the direction of the proposed 54 acre Bowhay Farm solar park from three different "small areas of public highway" in the vicinity. Is this in any way significant?

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June 26, 2012

Jim @ 7:08 am

P.S. After a couple more "sheep hunts" I've added a couple more views from on high.

TREVOR @ 1:36 pm

struggle to see (excuse the pun) what the view pictures are saying!, the higher you go the more you see, from most i also see the urban mass of Marsh Barton and or Exeter. Any new build has a visual effect, and once we are used to it we tend to not notice it.

June 27, 2012

Jim @ 2:27 pm

Hi Trevor,

Quite so, and puns are no problem here. I'm not above using them myself!

However, recently I have met with a number of cyclists, walkers, push-chair perambulators and even a hot air balloonist, all admiring the view from the top of Haldon. None of them had heard of the Bowhay Farm proposals until I informed them.

Why don't we have an informed debate? Why not cover the roofs of the "urban mass of Marsh Barton" with solar PV panels, instead of Bowhay Farm?


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