The Name

Ecological Nexus
Economic Nexus
Earth Connects Us
We are artists
We are surfers
Water connects
Us all

The Issue

Oil costs more
What to do?
Biofuel is the answer!
Food is turned into fuel
People in another country go hungry

The Video

The Message

You're a citizen of the World
You're privileged and you own a car
Ask your boss if you can work
From home a day a week
Consider what you do with your right foot
On your daily struggle to work
And your next trip to the beach

You're a surfer
You're restoring your VW
EcoMod™, don't PowerMod™

You're a gearhead
You're restoring your Mustang
EcoMod™, don't PowerMod™

You guys
Connect with each other
Amazing things can happen
When you take a chance
To reach out to touch another

The Manifesto

You're the democratically elected leader
Of a nation of the World
You have the power
EcoMod™ your head

Frequently Asked Questions